Twitter-Brewed Video Game Booze Ideas

Did you check out our old feature, ‘If Gaming Companies Owned Breweries‘ In it, we concocted some video game-inspired libations such as Tingle’s Hard Lemonade, Frogger Lager, and Nier Beer, complete with mock-up photos. Now Game Informer has taken the alcoholic puns to Twitter, and the masses have shared dozens of winning booze names like Super Mead Boy, Corona Trigger, and Six Pac-Man. Check them out!

Absinthe Creed: Brotherhood
Alucardi Rum
Beers of War
Black Velvet Assassin
Bubbly Bobble
Cointreau 3: Alien Wars
Corona Trigger
Dark Ciders
Dead Riesling 2
Deadly Prohibition
Defender of the Crown Royale
Dr. Egg Nog Man
Dr. Light Beer
Drinking Mama
Duke Nukem: Brandy Manhattan Project
Earthworm Jim Beam
Elder Scrolls V: Skyyrim
Epic Mickey’s Malt Liquor
Four Loko Roco
Gex on the Beach
Gin & Sonic
Gran Marnier Turismo
Harvest Blue Moon
Irish Car Bob-omb
Jager Bomberman
Jak & Coke
Johnny Walker Red Faction
Just Causemopolitan II
Justin Bailey’s
Kahlua of Duty
Killer 7&7
Metal Beer Solid
New Castlevania Brown Ale
Overbloody Mary
Princess Peach Schnapps
R.O.B. Roy
Ratchet & Crunk
Red Dead Intervention
Rocket Knight Fuel Malt Liquor
Rolling Rock Band
Rusty Nail’d
Scotch Pilgrim
Sega Guinesses
Serious Sambuka
Six Pac-Man
Smirnoff Ice Climbers
Strawberry Daiqatana
Super Mead Boy
Super Smashed Bros.
Sword of Vermouth
The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Pabst
The Legend of Zelda Minish Nightcap
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Wine
Vodka & Tonic Trouble
Vodka Bald Bull
White Rush’n Attack
Xbox Live Goldchlager
Yoshi’s Long Island Iced Tea
You Don’t Know Jack Daniels
Zone of the Benders



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