I’m doing this one on english because of the possibility of having english readers finding the post.Right now, there’s a lot of fuzz in Mexico about a movie called [REC]. It’s from a spanish director called Jaume Balaguer?? (wich I’m kind of a fan of…). Hes sort of an indy director, but you may have seen his movies, the most “famous” ones are Darkness and Fragile.Anyway, [REC] is his third “mainstream” movie, having a lot of sucess on Europe, and now in Mexico. I don’t know how it did on USA (or if it even was on theaters), but I know that a remake is about to come out, called Quarantine.[REC] came out not even a year ago on Spain and the remake is almost out! Damn they’re fast. I’m not going to rant about hollywood remakes and shit like that ‘cause I’ve liked some, but why remake a movie that is SO GOOD in original? Is like if they wanted to do a remake of Battle Royale, or Cidade de Deus, or Das Experiment… they’re fabulous movies by themselves!I’ve just seen Quarantine’s trailer… and believe me, as imperfect that [REC] could be (and I accept it has some flaws), Quarantine doesn’t seem to perfect it. It’s just a big Xerox copy of [REC], even in the freaking character names, the shots in the trailer are the fucking same as in the original movie.Being this the case, I really, really recommend much better the original if you can get it… it really is worth it. But well, I think I’ll watch Quarantine just to have a better opinion, but from the trailer I can say that altough it won’t be worst, it won’t be a bit better either.



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