I'm the shallow, the superficial, I'm the common man.

Pues en la tradici??n de mis posts musicales, y siendo ahora el caso de que mi top en el gusto musical metalero ha pasado a ser el mathcore, metal experimental, baterias en destiempo y riffs complicados… les presento una rolita de una IMPRESIONANTE banda Sueca. Tal vez les interese, o tal vez no, pero esta rola es la que dio el nombre a este mi blog (y su blog) hace ya 2 a??os y medio.[audio:meshuggah-the_mouth_licking_what_youve_bled.mp3]I’m the shallow, the superficial, I’m the common man. Faithless, narrow minded, indifferent, impassiveA sycophantic leech. Tantamount to disintegrity. I’m the vulture feeding on malignancy.I’m the sin, the lecherour sneering at prostration. I wallow in disease. I rejoice at degradation.I yawn at misery. Spit at others happiness. An advocate of manipulation. I embrace the sickening.I’m the lost, I’m average, I’m common. I’m infection, I’m human, I’m common.A worm thriving in seas of disgust, I’m common. The mouth licking what you’ve bled, I’m common.I’m the pampered degenerate. I undulge my inclinations.The only words to my attention are those that I myself create: disorder, chaos.I debar all order, repudiate all purity. Infatuated by contentment.I laugh at lies. Come behold the sickness in my common human eyes.I’m the greed. The cynic. I’m the indifferent gaze.Mendacity, betrayal; this is not a face.Ebullent with human filth, here I am. Here I stay.Flourishing in our disgrace. Blessed be the human way.messhugah



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