British comedy invasion

Hehe.. yeah well at least it’s a change from american tv programs… latin americans deserve to watch other stuff!! lol… I watched Sony TV (if you don’t know, Sony has a channel here in latin america where we can watch US TV shows). But now on tuesdays they have this show bar called “Pi” (yup, as in 3.14159265……, we love sarcasm), so today I decided to watch the shows: The IT crowd, Da Ali G show and Balls of steel.All I can say… and we thought US comedy was stupid 😛 No offense! haha.. I laughed like crazy.Sacha Cohen is great… as Ali G of course… Borat kinda annoys me.Anyways… you guys should check them out on Sony E. TV on tuesdays…I need to sleep… I’m writing like shit.



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