Song quotes

Okay… tonight I thought about writing down some song lyrics quotes that I like! They’ll be a lot ‘cause well… i love a lot of songs and when I was younger I always had a song quote for nickname… illustrating how I felt at the moment… so many of these will be here.30 seconds to mars – Buddha for Mary: “He said, ‘Can you here me, are you sleeping?’. She said,’Will you rape me now?’. He said, ‘Leave the politics to mad men’. She said, ‘I believe your lies’. He said, ‘There???s a paradise beneath me’. She said, ‘Am I supposed to bleed?’. He said, ‘You better pray to Jesus’. She said, ‘I don???t believe in god'”A perfect circle – Judith: “Talk to Jesus christ as if he knows the reasons why he did this all to you.”Chimaira – Taste my…: “May guns rise to kill me”

Chimaira – Worthless: “Every week a new identity, yet still an asshole to me.”Chimaira – Pure hatred: “You’ll never change me. Remember we are through. I am staying here to betray all of you… and nothing will change.”Chimaira – Stigmurder: “I want to commit murder.Feel the rush as I kill. Looking into your eyes collecting your last thoughts.”Depswa – Prom song: “‘Cause i know with just a touch, you can show me oh so much, that there’s more to this life than what we see.” – “But i know that, That the picture of love would last forever. On this canvas of our lives that we create.”From autumn to ashes – Autumn’s monologue: “Oh why can’t I be what you need? A new improved version of me.” – “I break in two over you. I break in two and each piece of me dies.” – “I would break in two for you. Now you see me. Now you don’t. Now you need me. Now you don’t.”Glassjaw – Everything you ever wanted to know about silence: “I’m digging a hole. I’m shutting the world. This is what it’s like to be alone.”Hoobastank – To be with you: “We will be again another time no matter what all the others say. ‘Cause I would leave it all so far behind just to be with you today.”Hoobastank – Say the same: “So goodbye my friend. Until we meet again, some other day. I know so much will change. But looking back I can say, I wouldn???t change a day. I hope you can say the same.”Ill ni??o – Cleansing: “I think I kind of hate you, I never really liked you. This is not a passing phase.”Ill ni??o – With you: “There’s something in your ways that makes me wanna stay here for a thousand years. So just cry your fears yeah…”Korn – Blind: “Are you ready?!!”Korn – Divine: “You know what, FUCK YOU! I’m fed up with you!… I’m not as good as you?! FUCK NO! I’m better than you!”Limp bizkit – Break stuff: “I hope you know, I pack a chainsaw. I’ll skin your ass raw, and if my day keeps going this way, I just might break something tonight.”Limp bizkit – Counterfeit: “You disregarded your life. You disrespected your friends. You’ve even stolen your appearance from hangin’ around with my family. But I should have never dropped my guard, so you could stab me in the back. But you were faking me out… just freaking me out you wear a mask. Freaking me out you wear a mask called counterfeit.”Limp bizkit – Pollution: “Back! Back! Back! Back! Back! Back! Back! Back! Back! Back! Back! Bring! That! Fucking! Beat! Back! You sucker! Fucking sucker! – FRED SHUT THE FUCK UP!”Machine head – All in your head: “It’s all in your head, It’s in your head. Sad but it’s true… It’s inside you”Machine head – Crashing around you: “I am your nightmares, true scares. That dream when you can’t stop from falling. Can’t fight, can’t run. Can’t stop the person you’ve become.”Machine head – Trepanation: “Your final thought will be a bullet in your fucking head.”Meshuggah – The mouth licking what you’ve bled: “I’m the shallow. The superficial. I’m the common man.” – “I’m the lost. I’m avergage. I’m common. I’m infection. I’m human. I’m common. A worm thriving in seas of disgust. I’m common. The mouth licking what you’ve bled. I’m common.”Placebo – My sweet prince: “My sweet prince. You are the one.”Portishead – Sour times: “???Cause nobody loves me, It’s true. Not like you do.”Seether – Driven under: “Then she told me she had a gun. It sounded like she???d used it once before, oh man. Then she told me she had a gun, she says she wants to use it on me now???”Slipknot – Duality: “I push my fingers into my eyes. That’s the only thing that slowly stops the ache.” (I even took a picture out of this quote)Slipknot – Everything ends: “You are wrong, fucked, and overrated I think I’m gonna be sick and it’s your fault.”Slipknot – People = shit: “People equal shit! Whatcha gonna do?. People equal shit! ‘cause I am not afraid of you! People equal shit! I’m everything you’ll never be.”Slipknot – I am hated: “Nobody gives a fuck, it doesn’t change the fact that you suck.” – “They’re closing in, I can’t escape! I AM HATED!”Slipknot – Surfacing: “FUCK IT ALL! FUCK THIS WORLD! FUCK EVERYTHING THAT YOU STAND FOR!”Slipknot – Tattered and torn: “In the blink of an eye! In the space of a second! Open my wrists! Give me my lessons!” – “Tearing myself apart from the things that make me hurt!”Slipknot – (sic): “You can’t kill me ‘cause I’m already inside you.”Slipknot – Only one: “Only one of us walks away.”Snot – Stoopid: “Hate sparks will create fire. Why can’t you let them be?”Spineshank – Slavery: “This feels like slavery. This ends it all.”Staind – It’s been a while: “It’s been a while since I’ve seen the way the candle lights your face. It’s been a while, but I can still remember just the way you taste.”Staind – Me: “I hear you talk about your family life… I wish I knew just what that means.”Lajon Witherspoon con Snot – Angel??s son: “I know you never said goodbye. I have so much left to say.”Taking back sunday – New american classic: “When all that we need is just a reaction… it’s too much to ask for when there’s no attraction anymore.”Taproot – Now: “‘Cause I bleed in pain when I’m without your soul, ‘cause I love you on a level so high.”The gathering – Shrink: “To feel this great urge to hold and embrace you… I slowly dry out.”Tool – Eulogy: “Come down. Get off your fucking cross. We need the fucking space to nail the next fool martyr!”Tool – Sober: “I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile. I will only complicate you. Trust in me and fall as well.”



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