The old times

It was nice… I don’t know why I did it but suddenly felt like looking around my old stuff. I started to check out homeworks from high school and the beginning of college, when I was still in Colima. I found really interesting stuff, and I realize that I was a very clever kid.It’s not like a lot of years have passed since, but I feel that as time passes by, I become less interested in stuff. What stuff? I don’t know… anything. Researching, learning, reading, writting, helping, asking… I did a lot of that stuff before, and now my days are wake up-turn on computer-do mediocre homework-use computer stupidly-eat-bathroom-sleep. Insert going out now and then or other random activities.I think I need to become more interested in what I do again… more especifically in reading and learning things… maybe wirtting about this things so they stick up inside my brain, since I know I need to write to learn something… and I love to write. I looked around my high school folders and the first 2 semesters of college, where I had a bunch of subjects where I had to read, and wirte essays, investigate, and keep writting essays, drafts, outlines… I find all that stuff very entertaining and I guess I need to do it more and more often.Computers are still my passion… but I think I’m misunderstanding my passion for computers to just sit in front of one and stare at the monitor while I do random things and chat and browse anywhere. I’m in my last 2 years of school and I don’t feel I have learned anything that will help me get a job or at least be competent for any job. And th’s something to be worried about.It’s funny… it’s not the first time I write about this in my blog. I haven’t changed a bit since the first time I did it. So why keep reminding myself about this? Doesn’t help if at the end I’m not going to do anything about it anyways. But probably it will stick… and one day, one day I’ll realize how bad this is… and I’ll do something about it.For my life, for myself.



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