The unexplainable errors

Have any of you ever coded something?Well maybe you have done the world famous “Hello world” or something like that… but when you’re everyday life (or not so everyday) consists on coding something, or modifying a code, you must encounter one of these… very frequently: The unexplainable errors.And they are so fucking annoyingly hilarious.

Sometimes the error can appear while compiling or in the case of php (this blog for example), they can suddenly show up when trying to do something that appears not to be right. In other cases, there isn’t really a error in the code but the code won’t do what you want it to do… even if you read it 12938102375492 times and it appears to be right.This two cases are happening to me on these days.The first case: the uploading feature while posting, isn’t working neither in Osono nor this blog.The funny thing: It WAS working and I HAVEN’T changed ANY code or permissions.The frustrating thing: I checked the code where it appears to be the error, and there’s no such error. I checked the folder permissions, and they’re right. I’ve checked the wordpress forums for solutions to that error, and none of them works ‘cause… there’s no error!The second case:My blog’s archive was browsed by categories, but I didn’t like it, so I checked the header’s code and the wordpress codex and it seemed pretty easy to change it to browse by dates. Soo, I changed it (you can check, is by year now). But!, I think is pretty lame just to browse by year since there are a LOT of posts each year… so I wanted to use that dark grey bar to change to the months where there are posts when you click on the year. So this is where the odyssey begins.So I thought “this is going to be easy”, so I reused the code that makes the dark grey bar show itself with the year’s list but, with the months list of the year you’re clicking on.Oh surprise, a very very very lame “bullet” list shows up at the bottom left of the dark grey bar. So I was like… WTF?Trust me… I checked and double checked the header code, the javascript code that makes the dark bar show and hide, and the css styling of the header and bar, and I didn’t get a fucking answer on WHY if I use the same calling to the javascript BUT in a link of the dark bar, it doesn’t show the same dark bar but with a different list but it does show a list! It doesn’t make any sense! I used the code exactly how it should be used… I added stuff, removed stuff, changed stuff, added styles, renamed styles, changed the style use in the header code… nothing works…So you have to browse my archives by year right now… sorry. I’ll see how to change it later…



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