Random and stupid thoughts.

Today I feel like writting in english… why? because my eggs are swelling.. (if this sounds too fucking weird for you foreign guys, its just a expression in spanish for: because i want to).Greetings to Psycub! A blog addict that just feels that urge of blogging and read blogs… so I’m giving him these lines before he goes and kills someone on the street. Anyways, since blogger kinda sucks and we don’t have all those mood and “currently listening” icons, in case you’re interested: i’m listening to “El show de densho” (a HILARIOUS game news podcast, in spanish of course, check it over here) And i’m… i dunno… relaxed?Whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… i’m just here hanging out at home since… i woke up. I’ve been on vacations just one week and this is boring as hell. The good thing is that i bought Resident Evil 4 so i can keep myself busy… in the nights that is.. so my day is still boring.In addition to that, i’m feeling a little bit nervous cause it’s been 7 days since my campus authorized my change of campus during the summer, BUT the campus i’m going for the summer (in mexico city) hasn’t authorized shit. I don’t know what are they waiting for, the limit day to pay is may 21th.Okay, on other news, today my uncle made a deposit to buy hosting and the domain name for the new blog, but i was fucking blonde today so i screwed up while buying all the stuff. I ended up sending an email to the support guys telling them all the shit that i did lol, so i hope they just think i’m a newbie and get everything right :DI’ll end up saying that I feel that i wrote this post very shitty. i dont know why but my english isn’t flowing tonight… and that’s strange since i’ve been chatting with a friend from the UK almost everyday… this post in english is for him too so he can read something from my blog hehe… even though he’s reading this ‘cause i told him to :pOkay… ending this.Sorry for the shitty english, bad grammar, shittier punctuation.Wolfius



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