Pride review.

Ok then… to organize all the things that happened and that we did this weekend i’m going to separate it by days… any similarity to pocketbear’s blog is pure coincidence.Friday.We arrived pretty early (6 30 am)… we called Jerry so he could go pick us up and my uncle so he knew we were there and he could wait for us in his appartment. I was very happy to see Jerry again.. we talked and joked a little bit all the way to my uncle’s appartment… finally we arrived and Jerry had to go to school.. my uncle went outside to open the building’s door for us. We chatted a little bit with my uncle.. just a little bit ‘cause we all were very tired.. so we went to sleep for some hours again. At 10 30 aprox. we were all awake, santos and me, my uncle and 2 of my uncle’s friends that were staying there. They got out and we only stayed there for some hours to rest and have something to eat. Later that day, Paco came to pick us up… i was also so happy to see him again. We went to “Zona Rosa” just to walk a little bit.. there??s the first gay street in Mexico (and maybe the only).. but it??s more like a gay zone than just one street hehe… we got to a nice cafe and stayed there ‘til night.. Jerry joined us up and then we went to “Hibrido”.. a club that was very near.. We had some beer and danced all night.Saturday.We woke up at 9 am more or less… we were tired because of yesterday.. but we didn??t wanted to be late to the pride parade. We arrived to the bears place in the parade at 11 : 00 am more or less… my uncle was there selling t-shirts.. we helped him a little bit and then grabbed the huge bear flag to start walking. The parade was fun… we saw my brother Pocketbear and Dieguito there and walked with them… there we also met Fer. At 6 pm we arrived to the Zocalo and it started raining. Jerry and Paco arrived there and gave us a ride to my uncle??s appartment. There we ate something and got some rest… we really needed it for the night. My uncle and his friends arrived later, and everyone got dressed up to go to the party… we arrived there at 10 pm or something.. I don’t really remember hehe… it was great really.. we met more friends there or talked to others that we hadn’t talked to.Sunday.It was a long nite. We got out the party at 4 30 am.. Jerry gave us a ride to my uncle’s appartment (again), Fer was with us too. We didn’t said goodbye ‘cause we planned to see everyone later in the afternoon or something. Then we slept ‘til 1pm or something… and again.. my uncle’s friends arrived and we all went to a restaurant to get something to eat… we had a good time with all those guys…At 6pm we were back at the appartment and Paco and Jerry went for us to go out. They waited for us while we were packing, then we said goodbye to my uncle and his friends and went to “Zona Rosa” again to get a cafe and chat with our friends… It sucked that we couldn’t get in touch with Fer… it seems he didn’t get the cellphone messages… we had a good time at the cafe and more late at night we gave Jerry a ride to his home.. then Paco left us at the bus station..That was kinda everything… i didn’t get really in to details ‘cause it’s too much.. but I have everything in my mind and I won’t forget the great time I had… I miss you guys, thanks for everything..Love, wolfius.



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