May update.

May has almost passed by, and there’s not really much to say… well there is but you all know how difficult and “boring” is to remember all the important stuff to pack it in one post.. but I’ll try :pFirst… I’m working now.. yeah I know that I’ve posted about that but well, it’s been 2 week since then. The first week I worked with Santos in his store, but this week I went to my stores so I was on my own now :p It was good really… less people than Santos’ store but it was good. From wednesday to friday I work in one store… and by now I talked to a couple of guys that work there but nothing to exciting… saturday and sunday I work in another store but I like it more ‘cause I’m beginning to make some friends over there..Anyway… I had my rest days yesterday and today, and tomorrow I return to work…In other stuff… Cesar (Dag) is living temporarily here in Gdl, too bad I haven’t got some time to say hi but I hope I can see him soon… we haven’t talked for a long while and I had a blast last year when we met in person, so at least I hope we have some time to chat a little bit :)And I want to say hi to Gari!.. a new friend I made from a profiles website .. well.. “we” made, ‘cause Santos also talks to him now and we’re starting to care about him as a friend.. so hi!… (though he doesn’t read this shit anyways) :pAnd well… I’m also excited ‘cause the date is almost here! Mexico City Pride is around the corner and we have all this people that want to meet us and that we want to meet… but SPECIALLY we want to meet Fer and to see our buddy Jerry again =) Really guys.. we can’t wait to hug you both..Last but not least… a big kiss for my husband =) I love you!!! and yeah this message is for NO reason just because I love you (which is enough reason)… hehe =)Alrighty then.. that’s all for now. Ah no! hey Dee I hope your reading this… where are you?? It’s been a long time since I last saw you online… hope everything’s ok.. i’m kinda worried ‘cause you also haven’t posted anything in your blog…Ok then… hugs to everyone.!



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