Let's talk then.

One time, there was this guy that was feeling a little bit overwhelmed for some weeks…He was having thoughts about how he’s living his life right now…. “Is this what I want?” He asked himself. Maybe it was what he wanted… but not the way he wanted it. He couldn’t find the answer of what to do… he didn’t find walking away like a good choice, but still, he couldn’t just bear all this things he felt.One day, a chance arrived, and he found that the solution was simple… talk about it. “Let’s talk then.” he thought… and he did.Talking about all the things I had in mind… was easy, and relieving. It’s not that I wanted to be “free” in all the word extension. But I wanted my chance to not let my life just pass by in front of my eyes… as I stand there just working on school and being at home with a bunch of responsibilities that a twenty year old guy shouldn’t have (at least in my point of view).I still want to meet a lot of people, I still want to travel, I still want to do a lot of things that I had in mind since I was 17 and I haven’t done. Don’t get confused… nothing of this means that I want to do everything alone… but some of them it just feel’s better to do them by myself… and, for the record, it isn’t the same thing.Not like some people think… I think life is long. And by this I mean that… not because we stop doing things right now, means that we’ll never do them. We still have a lot of time for us together. So sometimes let’s give us time for us by ourselves.



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