As seen on Dee's blog!

1. How old were you when you knew you were gay?13 years old :)2. Have you ever had sex with the opposite sex?Omg no…. not even if a woman and I were the last people on earth.3. Who was the first person you came out to?A friend named Ram??n.4. Are you out to your parents?Nope.5. Do you want children?I don’t know really… sometimes I feel like I want and sometimes I don’t care.6. Do you have more gay friends or straight friends?About the same.7. Were you out in school?At school I’m out normally just for a group of friends.8. Is your best friend the same sex as you?Yep!9. If your best friend is the same sex, have you ever had sex with them?yeah I have… not all the way but we have played around.10. Have you ever done crystal meth?Someone explain me this one.11. Have you ever been in a sling?Jeje not yet :p12. Have you ever done a 3-way?A couple of times.. and yeah I like it.13. Have you ever dressed in drag?Never! (and never will)13a. Would you date a drag queen?NO.14. Are you a top/bottom or truly versatile?More bottom… sometimes versatile but having trouble with that.15. Have you seen an uncircumsized penis?Ahm… like, a lot.16. Have you had sex with someone of a different ethnicity?No… that would be cool.17. Have you ever barebacked?Oh yeah!18. How many cher CDs do you own?Phisically.. like.. 2. In mp3.. like 73619. Name of your first Love.Daniel.20. Do you still talk to them?Unfortunately no… but I’m trying.21. Does size matter?Nope!22. Biggest turn on?Bellies and body hair… but more the bellies.23. Biggest turn off?I think that would be.. pain… and skinny boys. je.24. Ever been harrased due to you orientation?Nope..25. Worst gay sterotype that applies to you.I dunno :p26. Ever been to a pride rally?Rally?… mhmh no.27. Would you marry if you could?Yeap28. Would you rather be rich and smart or young and beautiful?Rich and smart.29. Do you sculpt your eyebrows?No :S :S :S :S :S :S :S30. Do you trim your body hair?Sometimes my pubes… i just cut them with scissors..31. Ever had sex with more than one person in a day?Nope.32. Ever been to an orgy?Nope.33. Have you dated your best friends ex?Nope.34. Would you vote for Hillary Clinton if she ran for president?Agreeing with Dee…35. Do you want monogamy in your relationship?It’s ok to me, whatever my partner wants.36. Do you believe in true love?Of course I do.What happened to 37????38. Do you have any piercings?Let me see… ah yeah… I have 6. for now..39. Would you date a smoker?I’m doing it right now.40. Do you get HIV tests every 6 months?Nope.41. Do you know anyone who has died from H.I.V.?Nope.42. Do you know what Stonewall was?No idea.43. Wonder Woman, Xena or The Halliwell Sisters?ugh..44. Strangest place you have had sex?I’ve done a blowjob in a bus (and viceversa)… does that count?45. Strangest place you’ve woken up?Nowhere really.46. Are your best years behind or in front of you?In front of me that’s for sure.47. Favorite porn movie?Horny cubs!48. Are you in love now?Yeah I am.49. Ever been in love with a straight guy/girl?Yez.50. Did you ever have sex with them?No :(51. Have you ever been to a nude beach?Nope.52. Have you ever been to a bath house?I told a friend if he would go with me sometime but we never went.53. Ever had sex in public?No! That would be cool though



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