Best bday ever.

Finally it’s friday!!! yay!hehe… well yeah i’m happy, ‘cause I thought I would go crazy this week with all the homework and the exams… I even thought i wouldn’t talk to Santos for some days ‘til I had almost all my work done…Oh, I was so wrong.First of all, I started doin’ homework since monday… so the next days I would have less and less to do. On monday, I told Santos that he shouldn’t get online ‘til thursday (yesterday), so I could have my work done faster, and also I had to get prepared for my exams. He said it was ok… that he also had a lot of work to do this week, but that he would call me on tuesday and wednesday at night.On tuesday night I was still doin homework, when my cell phone rings… yeah it was Santos. I heard we wasn’t at home, because all the noise of cars and stuff. He just told me that he was going to get something for dinner and then go home, that he would call me from ther in 15 minutes… I said it was ok… I still had work to do.15 minutes later my cell phone rings again… I was like, hey, why don’t u call at my home number?Fuck… he was outside my bedroom.I didn’t know what to say… i was just so fucking surprised. None ever had done something like that for me. He entered the room with some tacos for dinner.. When we talked by phone I told him that I was also hungry and that I was going to get something to eat, but he brought me dinner… Not even that… but he also let his beard grow (he doesn’t like it) so I could se him with full beard (‘cause I really like it).We spent all my bday together… I had a lot of homework to do… but with his company it was great. At night we went out to dinner… it was just awesome.It really is the best bday I have had in a long, long time.I’m so in love… and I’m pretty sure this time it will be for a long time.



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