English update.

Hey wassup… well i don’t know if u still check this thinguie ‘cause i never write something in english but well here it goes hehe…So far, living by myself hasn’t been quite exciting, but well i really didn’t expect that.. it’s just that my room still needs some adjustments.. i need more electricity plugs (or whatever they’re called) and a telephone line.. also i need a drawer and a desk for my PC… so almost everything is still in boxes and stuff…Other shitty thing is that i don’t have telephone.. yet, so getting online from my house is not an option. yesterday i ran out of gas so had to take a cold water shower… and finally.. my budget is really tight hehehe… but hell, i’m out of Colima :)So in other news.. i broke up with my bear… but it’s ok don’t worry everything’s alright.. it was for the best and we ended in “good” terms, or something like that.well babe.. i miss ya.. hope ur ok and i’ll see you around soon.. take care!



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