Let's practice a bit.

Well i’m just wating for my parents to arrive now. I have the house in perfect conditions so I espect my mom to be happy with everything she sees… ‘cause usually when she comes back from a trip, starts to shout to everyone and stuff. But this time I was in charge of the house so I guess it’s all right.Anyway, for the weekend, I don’t know what will I do… everything is boring right now and I’m just waiting for the day to leave this city, to visit Abraham or my friends in Guadalajara, or hopefully, both. Abraham hasn’t told me wich date they’re going to perform at Morelia, but as soon as he tells me I’ll ask mom I want to go, and after that I could go to Guadalajara to start arranging everything at school and to start looking for an appartment.Talking about the appartment, well… i don’t even have a roomate so I hope i can find someone soon.Anyway… these days are a little bit slow, but soon everything will change. Finally i’m out of here!! yay hehe.. I’ve been looking forward to this moment since junior high, and now it’s happening… should be frightening maybe, but everythings ok…What really is frightening is my akward situation with my recent ex-husbear… i don’t really feel like returning with him… i still love him, but i think is better for us to just stay friends… we’ve been hurting each other a lot lately.. mostly i’ve been hurt, and i have like this big burden in my back that he just kept making it bigger… so finally i got tired. I don’t know what’s going to happen… i care a lot about him, and he’s like really really fucking hurt, and that’s kinda driving me crazy. I just want him to tranquilize and acept it and still be friends, but i think he will only relax if i tell him we can go on as boyfriends… and that’s not more likely to happen. So.. i really want to go visit him, but i’m afraid i could just have 1 week of full drama and tension..Anyway… we’ll see what happens in the next days. I just want to get over with everything soon.And this was my first post in english.. he..Hugz to everyone…



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