How fast.

Yesterday after I wrote here, I was chatting with some friends and listening to music… And it just hit me. I’m going back with Abe…Why?… well, i’m not really sure i think.My mind has been telling me “ur free, you’ll have a good time now that you’re going to move”… but even though my feelings have change a bit, my heart still wants to stay with him. A really good friend of mine (i call him Panda) that i’ve been talking to lately about this, told me.. “listen to your heart”… so maybe that’s what i’m going to do. I just hope i’m not making a mistake.Anyway.. my parents are here, and the day is just beginning.. i think i’ll just watch “Lost” all day, like last saturday that I watched all season of “the amazing race” from 10 am to 10 pm hehehe…Hugs to everyone, especially for Dee because, you know man, i’m writting this shit in english just for you ‘cause i don’t have any other gringo friend around.. lol.. take care :pBy the way I updated my photo gallery at ‘msn spaces’, added some pics in “experiments”, “wolfius’ album” and made a new album called foreign friends… don’t be scared if you see your face around..***en espa??ol*** Actualice un pokito mis galeria de fotos en ‘msn spaces’, a??ad?? algunas a la carpeta de “experiments”, “wolfius’ album” y cree una nueva galer??a con algunos de mis amigos for??neos..



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